Thank you for checking us out! Welcome to Oak Grove Church of God! Websites are a wonderful way of finding out what you want to know. We are glad you want to know about us, and we certainly want to know you.

The Churches of God began in the US among German immigrants in Pennsylvania. As the country and settlements spread so did the church. As settlers came to Indiana so did ministers and members who began churches. Oak Grove Church is one of the first churches in Whitley County.

Our church and culture has changed but our values have not. Oak Grove believes in the Bible and passionate worship. We believe in a conversion experience and growing in grace and holiness. We believe in sharing our faith. We believe in strong families. We believe in missions. We believe in ministry to every generation. These beliefs drive what we do and how we spend our money as we give.

Oak Grove Church goes back a long way. The first church building was built in the 1883. Ministry had been going on in a school building in the area for several years before the first building. There have been ups and downs. The first building was destroyed by a tornado. People pulled together and rebuilt, debt free, in just a few months. Families were ministered to and the church grew. Building additions followed in the 1960’s and 1980’s. Oak grove began with farmers in a farming community. We still have farmers, but we have teachers, truckers, factory workers, business owners, medical professionals, retired persons and stay at home moms, and many other occupations and vocations. We are a mirror of our community.

There have been changes over the years. Worship is casual now and many instruments are used. Home groups and Bible studies abound. Occasionally we have community services at places like theatre or a trailer park or a community park in order to reach more people. Our message has not changed! We preach that a person can find forgiveness and fulfillment in Jesus Christ. We have people who have been here for 60 years and people who have been coming for less than 6 months.

All age groups are represented at Oak Grove. We have senior ministries, youth ministries and children’s ministries and opportunities for local and international missions. I invite you to get into life at Oak Grove. We are not the biggest church in Whitley Co. or the wealthiest. We are genuine in our faith and involved in our community. You will find an open, caring, growing congregation with opportunities for study, worship, and service.

We are a country church with a relevant flavor and message.

Blessings in Christ,

Your Servant in Christ,
Pastor Steve Johnson


Oak Grove Church of God Serving Columbia City, Indiana since 1857